After gathering some dance experiences in ballet, standard dances and oriental dance she discovered FCBD® Style in 2006 and found her passion.

She passed the teacher training with Carolena Nericcio in 2011 and is a certified FCBD® Style  Instructor and Partner Studio. She regularly takes workshops by the members of FCBD® like Wendy Allen, Kristine Adams, Kae Montgomery. Also by Megha Gavin (Devjani Dance Company), Gabriella (NEA's Tribal), Devi Mamak (Caravan Dance Company), Amy Sigil (Unmata), Kajira (BSBD) and many more to educate herself even more and guarantee a very high quality in her classes and workshops. Jane teaches FCBD®  Style as it is tought by the american ensemble FatChanceBellydance® (FCBD®) and it's founder Carolena Nericcio. Furthermore and building on the strong base of FCBD®  Style she also teaches the ITS-Syle "NEA's Fundamentals". She passed the teacher training for this format in 2010.

 It is self-evidently for her to constantly continue her studies in these styles of dance. Her goal is not only to teach the movements but also to pass on the passion which still takes her very own breath.

She is the founder of the ensemble Daphnee's Clan based in Berlin.


I am bellydancing for nearly 30 years and teaching for 26 years. In 1999 I opened my studio and started Tribal Style Belly Dance. I am the founder and director of Nea's Tribal, one of the first tribes in Germany and the tribe which exists the longest. Nea's Tribal really loves to perform at renaissance festivals and also at big oriental events.

Including all my love and passion I created my very own style - Nea's Fundamentals. In 2006 I founded  my own Tribal Fusion troupe called Fusionea. Their Fusion Style is based on Nea's Fundamentals, Nea's Tribal's own style which includes old school ATS® and new influences as well. Since 2010 I am teaching this format as an intensive project around Europe to give more dancers a solid basis to start with Tribal Style Belly dance. In 2015, the teaching of Nea's fundamentals led to the beginning of a new dance company- Sharinea's tribes which consists mostly  of tribe-leaders from all over Germany. In the same year the trio UNIQUA was established - alongside Nicole and Fara la Sombra.

I am one of the first Instructors in Tribal Style Dance in Germany, travelling all over Europe and around the world. I hosted several well known Instructors and Dancers from Tribal Style Belly Dance Art. At Tribal Quest in Portland and Tribalfest in Sebastopol I performed and taught as the first German Tribal Dancer with some of my troupe members.

I am a certified ATS®teacher and FCBD® Sister Studio. I also have the certification in SGI format from Kajira Djoumahna from Black Sheep Belly Dance.

The roots and essentials of ATS® play an important role me and I teach this format and it's technique accurately in order to show my students the differences between the various american tribes and their formats.


Everything started with oriental dance but even back in 2000 I was fascinated by the tribal spirit and after a stay in San Francisco I was truly committed to it.

My foremost preference is the improvised ATS® but my heart also belongs to all of it’s various and multifaceted Fusion Styles and their endless possibillities.

Besides these main influences, the aesthetics of  the classical indian dance Bharat Natyam and Flamenco are a huge inspiration as well. I am always traveling between these dance styles especially with my company Shir o Shakar.

I am a qualified pedagogue, gymnastic coach, Yoga teacher and a certified ATS® teacher since 2011. I am a fulltime dancer and dance teacher.

I adore working in groups especially with improvisation and therefore with a nonverbal communication between the dancers which always leads to surprising and beautiful moments. I love the process of creating a dance, the cooperation and togetherness. For me, these things combined are the precious particularity which is tribal.